Understanding the Banana King

Understanding the Banana King

This weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to read an original work at the first event for Lost Poet Lounge, a local Denton, Texas, group that I’m a member of. We flooded the back half of Banter Bistro and took turns reading our works on stage.


Photography by Ellie Gonzalez of Flirtography https://www.facebook.com/Flirtography

Me being me, I waited until the day of to see what struck my fancy to…

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Walls need decoration! Art pieces are like the jewelry of a room. They can make or break it, and the perfect pairing yields amazing results. Yet, the last thing anyone wants is a room to look like it’s straight from a big box furniture store. Generic is so boring. Your wall decor should be meaningful and it should communicate something about the people who live there.

So I did some Internet searching for unique wall decor to help get those creative juices flowing. Then, you’ll find a gallery of some of the decor that graces the walls in our home, because I’m all about sharing.

Fun Wood Art

Let’s get started with these beauties:

Although similar painted wood slices can be found on Etsy, creative types (I’m looking at you, readers) can make these to coordinate with the colors already in your space. Check out The Bloomin’ Couch for more DIY ideas!

String Art – YES PLEASE!

Can we just stop for a second and regard the awesomeness that is string art?! I absolutely love it. Let’s just say that if someone felt compelled to make a piece for me, I wouldn’t be upset. (No pressure!) Check this one out, featured on Urban Bedou Girl:


Funky Danish Inspiration 

I honestly don’t know how I feel about the next option, but I present it as an example of truly thinking outside the box when it comes to adorning your walls. Vtmonen.com features this interesting take on wall decor:

What do you think, fair readers? It’s interesting and I think in the right room it would work, but its playfulness suggests that maybe a game room or casual study would work best. It definitely feels a-place-for-everything-and-everything-in-its-place.

Pretty Paint Chip Art

And last but not least, this awesome space featured on Houzz: I LOVE the juxtaposition of the modern paint chip art, framed in curved moulding to reinforce the arch. The pared-down furnishings with the traditional light fixture , hardwoods, and marble floors make me want to sigh at the beauty. Did I mention that I LOVE this room?!

And Now…

As promised, here are some of the things that adorn our walls at home. Each has its own story and each is well loved:

  • The window was found in the goat house over at the manor.
  • Mike collected stained glass for a while, and these pieces are two of my favorites.
  • The tree painting was painted by my deceased grandmother. It hangs in my office against the book page-covered wall (more on that later!).
  • The black jade eagle is something Mike picked up on his travels.
  • The Geisha scroll is a souvenir from my stay at the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo, and the fan was something I picked up while I lived in Japan.
  • Directly opposite the fan hangs a replica of a calendar found in King Tut’s tomb. Mike picked it up when he visited Egypt a few years back.
  • Finally, the branch and frame hangs over one of our couches. We salvaged it from the manor and the guys were about to saw it up before I stopped them. It’s one of our favorite pieces. I love how sculptural it is!
Unique Wall Decor Walls need decoration! Art pieces are like the jewelry of a room. They can make or break it, and the perfect pairing yields amazing results.

Day 7: Tan and beige. Apparently these colors are popular for history books… #bsmphotoaday @booksoulmates #amreading #bookstagram #books

Latergram from last night at Banter in #Denton #LostPoetLounge was so fun last night! Big thanks to @divagirlellie for setting it up. #WDDI #Coffee #amwriting #authorsofinstagram

So it may not be the “official” name for the style, but you know what I mean. This style is crisp and rustic all at once. There’s lots of brightness, white finishes, and natural elements. It looks like a rich girl’s Ikea. Colors like navy blue and chocolate brown work their way in there. I’m so in love with the rustic Scandinavian style.

Just look at this beauty:

Rustic Scandinavian House With Character

You can find the rest of the rooms here at Decoholic. My favorite room is…well, really, how can I have a favorite room? The living room (above) is extraordinary, but I’m kind of in love with the second story office that feels like a tree house.

Check out this home featured on Skonahem.com. Don’t you just love the natural elements?

The grey and white look so fabulous when combined with the furs, rough wood accents, and antlers. So great!

Here are some of my favorite finds that would make excellent additions to your Scandinavian-inspired room. The links are listed below the gallery:




Rustic Scandinavian Design So it may not be the “official” name for the style, but you know what I mean.

Last #weather shot. I promise. #nofilter from my front door. I adore the colors. #wearetxgmers #Texas #sky

Day 1: White. The the books on my “Best of” shelf that sport white covers. @booksoulmates #bsmphotoaday #Kerouac #chuckpalahniuk #stevemartin #amreading

Formatting notes, my favorite Ikea light, and coffee in one of my favorite mugs. Come on Tuesday, let’s do this! #amediting #amwriting #coffee #marielaveau #brainybabemicropub #readindie #morning

Here Comes the Sun…and AC!

Here Comes the Sun…and AC!

We were SO happy to have Matt back in town for a couple of weeks. There were lots of Munchkin games, a bunch of dancing, and much general silliness. There were also several projects completed. Check it out!

2014-03-14 16.19.37

We finally have a proper rack for the solar panels, and room for two more! It took all three of us to move the panels around (it’s a good thing I’ve been workin’ out lately!), but the hard…

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“I have never listened to anyone who criticized my taste in space travel, sideshows or gorillas. When this occurs, I pack up my dinosaurs and leave the room.” Ray Bradbury; Zen in the Art of Writing (via wordpainting)

(via booklover)

New solar panel rack with room to grow! #diy #solar #greenenergy

Almost done with the hard stuff people! #drywall #diy #construction #country #interiors

Day 5: Author Autograph This one is special to me because Suzanne sent it to me after she and I worked on another project together. She was so happy with my work that she sent this nice little thank you. @booksoulmates #bsmphotoaday #interiors #interiordesign #homedecor #bookstagram

Brand new editing project in the queue. #amediting #datasecurity #authorsofinstagram

Let’s not over analyze the truth of this statement. Let’s just acknowledge it’s true and keep pouring. #repost #coffee #wine #truth #retro #funny

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