A Day of Doing Nothing: Why Being Lazy is Healthy

A Day of Doing Nothing: Why Being Lazy is Healthy

Lazy Sunday II

Do you have a hard time doing nothing? I totally do, but it’s something that really gives us a chance to rejuvenate. Relaxation is good; I think that’s something that we tend to forget here in the US, where productivity is valued above most states of being.

Yesterday was Sunday, and as I was milling about the house, Mike looked at me and said, “It’s so against my nature to sit around on a…

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Saturday Chores #6, July 5, 2014

This sign was all Grayson’s idea. I couldn’t stop laughing.

I have a total crush on this couple! Keep it up guys!

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on the latest happenings over at the cottage. We now have (most of) a ceiling downstairs! With the help of our wonderful friends Andrea and Jonathan, we were able to get the ceiling up and installed. I’d like the thank the Minty Ninja for her not-so-flattering picture of us accomplishing this:

2014-06-07 15.34.21

Yep, we had two people on each ladder, got up close and personal, and really used those yoga muscles to get all the drywall up on the ceiling. But what’s cool is that now we have this too:

2014-07-01 18.53.09

Oh yeah! That’s lighting in the living room. You can see that we still have to mud and texture the walls downstairs, but we’re on our way. Plus, we now have a working air conditioner. It only took us a couple of hours to repair a part that popped, then to sift through the THREE — yes, I said three — documents that came with the HVAC unit itself, the vacuum pump, and the other gadgets we used. But it worked on the first try, so I could that as a complete success. The only problem is that we have to upgrade the solar power system to really reap the benefits.

Here are a few more pictures of our shenanigans around there:

Who Knew We’d Get Into HVAC Repair? So it’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on the latest happenings over at the cottage.

Things You Aren’t Supposed to Know

Things You Aren’t Supposed to Know

We aren’t born knowing how to walk; we don’t understand the complexity of our emotions when we’re teens. We don’t know how to add two numbers together until we’re taught; we don’t know how to drive until someone puts us behind the wheel. Why, then, do we make the mistake with young adults to assume that they just automatically know what to do and when?

It’s not fair, in my opinion. While in the…

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Anger, the Brain, and How to Respond

Anger, the Brain, and How to Respond

Anger. It’s like the huge, swirling monster that wants to devour everything in its path for a brief moment (in context of the rest of our lives) but acting in anger is something we should never do. I don’t know about you, but I blank out and I start shaking when I’m angry.

angerSomething set me off earlier today and I was seeing red. I had all of these ideas about how I was going to deal with the…

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Prioritizing and Life

I had a bit of a “moment” this weekend. I haven’t been able to write anything just for fun for months, because — and I know there will be writers out there who will hate me for complaining about this — my paying work is just so extensive that at the end of the day or on the weekends, the last thing I want to do is write another word. Seriously, I think all of my Facebook friends think I go…

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Sexy Orange Decor

So continuing on in my series of chakra-inspired decor, we move onto the sacral chakra, the orange chakra. Creativity, procreation, directing one towards the self, food, sex, pleasure: these are the forces and influences associated with this chakra.

Once again, my search for decor ideas took me to Pinterest (don’t you love it?!), and boy have I got some great images for you, and yes, they’re all…

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Manuscript printing! Yay for editing short books! #amediting #authorsofinstagram #10Things

View of my desk today over at Earth911.com. Coffee, Galaxy Note Tab, art from my sweet little girl, and a new book to review for the site! #plasticpurge #life #ecofriendly #coffee #bookstagram #amwriting #amreading

Had some free time at the manor so yoga was clearly the answer to, “What to do?” #yoga #yogagirl #outdoors #solar

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” ~ Sylvia Plath

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

~ Sylvia Plath

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Picking colors for the cottage! #nofilter for obvious reasons. #soexcited #diy #colors #blue #interiordesign #interiors

Amen! Patio season indeed. Fun times at The LOFT. #dallas #patio #spring #wearetxgmers

Red Decor Ideas

I found this lovely image on Pinterest and it got me thinking:


Why not write a series of decor posts inspired by the chakras? Cool design inspiration, right?

Naturally we need to start at the bottom with the base chakra. This one’s red and houses the grounding spirit forces in the body. The color is indicative of our life force, self-confidence, courage, and security. (Who doesn’t love some…

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